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19 maj Ulriksdals slottspark

Resultat och bilder

Supreme Best In Show 2018: Barecho Play Now Pay Later, Engelsk Springer Spaniel, 

Ägare Helene/David Björkman, Årsunda

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Öppen ( 15 mån-)                                                                                 350 kr
Champion                                                                                              350 kr
Veteran ( 8 år -)                                                                                    250kr

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Varmt välkomna hälsar SSRK Östra

Bernard Catterall (Golmas)

I have been involved in golden retrievers for the biggest
part of my life, my family having had a pet bitch when I
was about 6 years old.
In 1967 (when I was 20 years old) I bought my first show
bred bitch puppy -  litter sister to the immortal Champion
Camrose Cabus Christopher. I have owned the breed ever since
and I have had a wonderful life with my dogs, breeding, showing
and judging them. I have owned two Champions and bred several
winners for myself and other people.
I have judged in most countries of Europe, also Australia and
Russia. In England I have judged, among others, The Golden
Retriever Club Championship Show and have judged the World
Show in Milan in 2015.
In March 2018 I have the great honour to be judging Crufts.
I am still actively involved in the breed, being President of The
North West Golden Retriever Club,and holding monthly ringcraft
classes for people starting in the breed as well as experienced
owners who are training their dogs for showing.
My life has been enriched by owning this wonderful breed and
I am always pleased to judge the breed abroad where I have
found so many enthusiastic and dedicated people breeding
and showing quality examples of the breed which, in many
cases, can compete successfully with the best of British
owned dogs. I am looking forward to judging once again in
Bernard Catterall 

Frank W Bjerklund & Stig Arne Kjellevold (Westaway)

Frank established the Inu-goya kennel in 1975 in partnership with Terje Johnsen, and the kennel’s first litter, a litter of Irish Water Spaniels, was born this year. The first litter of English Springers was born in 1979, and the first Welsh Springer litter in 1983. This kennel was honored with The Norwegian Kennel Club’s «Breeders Award» in 2001. In 2000 Stig and Frank established the Westaway kennel. So far these kennels have bred 100show champions - 75 English Springer Spaniel champions, 3 Irish Water Spaniel champions and 22 Welsh Springer Spaniel champions. 

The kennels have also imported numerous dogs from other breeders, most of them from the UK. 37 of these have been made up - 20 English  Springers, 6 Welsh Springers, 5 Irish Water Spaniels, 4 Curly Coated Retrievers , 1 Norfolk Terrier and 1 Deerhound , making it a total of 137champions owned or bred by these kennels.

Frank judges all spaniels and retrievers at Championship level. He has judged in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Australia.

Stig has been an authorized ring steward since 1988. 
He judges all spaniels at Championship level, and has judged in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, the Czech Republic and Australia.

Frank is a graphic designer and Stig is a medical doctor and a kidney specialist.

Gill Smitherman (Seaheart)

I would like to thank the Swedish Spaniel and Retriever Club Ostra for the invitation to judge Flatcoated Retrievers at your show in 2018 at Ulriksdals Castle.

I have owned and shown Flatcoated retrievers for twenty-six years, and I got my first Flatcoat when I was 17, he was called Bob (Mountainwood Sweet William, Withybed Quadrille X Larksdown Jet). He was just adorable and would meet me at the garden gate after school and carry my schoolbag into the house, would talk to me on the phone when I was at University and was my mums companion whilst I was away. 

In 2001 my mother and I bought Benvellyn Nephrite Jade of Seaheart (Benvellyn Athena X Ch Pajanbeck Prince of Thieves JW), I was going to show him and mum was going to work him, sadly mum died when Jacob was just four months old leaving me to live our hopes and dreams for both of us, he became a Sh Ch in 2009.  The star of our kennel was Ch Levelmoor Lanosa of Seaheart (Sh CH Benvellyn Nephrite Jade of Seaheart x Spera Vivace Tosca at Levelmoor) Maisie. She won 33 CC’s including Crufts 2009, gundog group 3 at South Wales and Best in Show at the United Retriever Club Championship show. Maisie remains the top full champion bitch in the UK.  I bred my first litter in 2009 which included Int Ch Seaheart New Moon, Seaheart Jacob Black in Australia who has a string of agility titles, and my own Sh Ch Seaheart Isabella JW. Since then I have owned and bred dogs with a mix of UK, Scandinavian and European lines.

I first judged Flatcoated Retrievers in 2005 and awarded my first set of CC’s in the UK in 2016. My next UK CC appointment in 2018.

I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to judge in Sweden; I have long admired Swedish Flatcoated Retrievers and I look forward to judging them in May.

Rebecca Hodge (Naiken)

I have been brought up with Labradors all my life as my mum started the Naiken kennel 35 years ago. As I became able to I started training and handling the dogs and after a short space of time was very involved with the Young Kennel Club competing in agility, obedience and handling with our Labradors as well as successfully showing in breed. Now any Labrador which lives in our kennel is trained in agility and obedience as well as working in the winter on a local shoot. I love showing all-round the UK and now in southern Ireland and when I am not at a breed show I will be at an agility show!

The kennel which was set up by my mum (with my dad looking after them whilst we are away showing!) still only has black and chocolates, but 1 day we will have a yellow!!!! We have been very successful making up 6 UK show and full champions, with many others living abroad. The highlight of my showing career so far is showing Sh Ch Naiken Way Out West JW to Best of Breed at Crufts 2010 – 1 moment I will never forget!!

During the week I also work with dogs! I work at the charity Dogs for Good who train specialist assistance dogs for people with disabilities and children with autism. My role is to look after the breeding scheme and puppies (mainly Labradors and Golden Retrievers) so it is never a dull day as I am often playing with puppies!

I started judging when I was 15years old and awarded my first set of CC’s in 2015. I have judged in Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

I am very much looking forward to judging in Stockholm and thank you for inviting me.

Yvonne Knapper-Weiland (Sundust)

I introduced the breed into England in 1964

Co founded the American Cocker Club of GB and the Home Counties american cocker club.

Bred and handled 2 english cockers to their titles.

Imported a min poodle from Harbovi,s kennel. Kwik was top sire for 2 yrs and also sired the top Utility bitch winner. He sired 6 champions

.Kwik was a dominant sire , you could always pick his ids for his type.and movement.

We never owned more then 5 dogs at a time, incl the old ones. Having said that we guided over 150 dogs to their titles, no mean feat.

Have had the great honour of judging in many countries. Was the first breeder of ac in England to judge the breed in America. Judged also in Australia and all over Europe.
Judged group 8 in France and Norway.

I look forward to seeing your dogs, always learned a great deal in Scandinavia. You have some clever breeders there.
Best In Show Ulriksdal 2017: Söklustens Miracle Magic, Flatcoated Retriever, Tilde Uddin, Kvicksund. Domare: Jan-Erik Ek