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Medlemskap i SSRK är obligatoriskt för deltagande på våra utställningar.

Om inget annat anges ska anmälan göras på SSRKs blankett Prov och Utställningsanmälan.

Katalog ulriksdalsutställningen 28 Maj 2023

PM och Ringfördelning Ulriksdal 28 maj 2023

Officiell utställning 28 maj 2023
Ulriksdals Slott



Inbjuder till Officiell utställning
28 maj 2023
Ulriksdals Slott



Ms Hayley Walker, Kennel Lizzlog, UK
Flatcoated Retriever

Ms Linsey Dunbar, Kennel Linigor, UK
Golden Retriever

Ms Bonnie Wiles, Kennel Richbourne, UK
Labrador Retriever

Mrs Pam Blay, Kennel Stablaheim, UK
Clumber Spaniel, Field Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel, Irländsk Vattenspaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Chesapeak Bay Retriever
Mrs Sandra Williams, Kennel Wilmerella, UK
Cocker Spaniel, Amerikansk Cocker Spaniel

Mr Nigel Worth, Kennel Sarabande, UK
Welsh Springer Spaniel, Engelsk Springer Spaniel


Valp I ( 4-6 mån)                                                                                   300 kr
Valp II (6-9 mån)                                                                                   300 kr
Junior ( 9-18 mån)                                                                                425 kr
Unghund ( 15-24 mån)                                                                        425 kr
Jakt ( 15 mån + jaktmerit)                                                                   425 kr
Öppen ( 15 mån-)                                                                                 425 kr
Champion                                                                                              425 kr
Veteran ( 8 år -)                                                                                    300 kr


Sista anmälningsdag för anmälan per post utgår 30 april /Last entry by post april 30

Förlängd anmälningstid till:
Sista anmälningsdag via internetanmälan utgår 12 maj, kl 12.00 /Last entry via SKK online entry may 12, 12 am

Anmäl via SKKs Internetanmälan/Enter via SKKs entry online: www.skk.se.
In order to use the online entry, the dog has to be in SKKs data base. For foreign dogs please send a copy of the registration certificate/pedigree to reg@skk.se a few days before you want to make the entry online.

Anmälan per post/Enter by post: blanketten/entry form ”Tävlingsanmälan” (finns att hämta på/download at www.skk.se) skickas till/send to:

Dogpaws N Shows AB, c/o Fugelstad, Lyckåsvägen22, 142 51 Skogås.
Avgiften sätts in på SSRK-Östra BG 5222–0944.
Ange hunden/hundarnas regnr som betalningsmeddelande.

Please pay the entry fee
via SWIFT to our IBAN account number SE5350000000052731043865
Account number: 5273-1043865
Adress: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, Rissneleden 10, 10640 Stockholm
All bank costs are paid by exhibitors
Payment receipts must indicate the name of the dog, registration number and owner.
Payment must reach SSRK-östra by last entry date

Parkering:                          Gratis
Katalog:                              Digital katalog publiceras 07.00 på utställningsdagen.
Servering:                           Finns på området

Frågor rörande din anmälan kontakta/Enquiries regarding your entry:
Dogpaws N Shows AB, telefon 076-008 28 74, telefontid: måndag, tisdag och torsdag kl. 18.00-20.00 eller info@dogpaws.se

Allmänna upplysningar/Information:
Maria Müllersdorf, utställningssekreterare, SSRK Östra, 0708-200 930 eller maria.mullersdorf@gmail.com

Varmt välkomna!

Domarpresentationer SSRK Östra Ulriksdal 2023

Ms Bonnie Wiles (UK)
Labrador Retriever

Bonnie was born into the Richbourne Kennel of Labradors. After many years attending shows with her parents, she finally got in the showring in 1998, in a junior handling class. She has gone on to own champions and several CC winning Labrador Retrievers.

In 2008, she got her first Welsh Pembroke Corgi from the Ryslip Kennel. She is an active member of both the Labrador and Corgi communities, through exhibiting and being part of show committees.

Her interest in dogs continued into her academic education. At university she studied Bioveterinary Science at the Royal Veterinary College. After graduating she worked for five years at The Kennel Club, UK.

Having handled, owned and bred dogs from a young age Bonnie aspired to become a judge and began her Labrador judging career in 2009. Having since judged across the UK and in Sweden. She judged her first CC appointment in 2022 at Darlington Dog Show Society.

Mr Nigel Worth (UK)
Welsh Springer Spaniel, Engelsk Springer Spaniel

I started showing dogs in the early 1960’s with GSDs. I continued to show and breed GSDs until the early 1970s. It wasn’t until 1975 that I owned my first gundog – an English Setter. I showed both English Setters and Pointers with some success until I bought my first Welsh Springer Spaniel in 1988.

In partnership with my wife, we also owned and campaigned the first UK Champion Bichon Frise.
We have won CCs in 3 different groups and have owned champions in 2 groups and had champions in Bichon Frise, Welsh Springer Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels.

We now have (and had) a number of  WSS living at home,  Including the Top WSS Dog 2008,  our foundation bitch who gained her title aged 21 months and finished 2011 as Joint Top CC winning WSS Bitch and won the Bitch CC at Crufts in 2014, Top WSS 2021 and Top WSS puppy 2022 (bred by us).  WSS we have bred are now being successfully shown in the UK, America, Australia and Europe. We are currently campaigning a number of WSS including our latest Sh Ch who was top WSS in 2021 and an Am GCH who we bred and has now returned from the US winning BOB at Crufts at her first show back in the UK and her UK title.

I am passed to award CC’s in English Setters, WSS, IWS, Clumber Spaniels, Weimaraner, ESS, Irish Setters, GSP  and American Cocker Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Italian Spinone, Golden Retrievers plus the Gundog Group at Championship show level. I have judged in USSR, Sweden, Finland and the USA’. I am delighted to be asked to judge at your show.

Mrs Pam Blay (UK)
Clumber Spaniel, Field Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel, Irländsk Vattenspaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Chesapeak Bay Retriever

I am a championship gundog group judge giving CCs in 28 breeds across four groups – the gundogs, pastoral, hounds and terriers. I have also judged best in show at general championship shows, this I have done at both SKC and again at Boston, both in the UK.

After 25 years working at Dog World, I am now enjoying my retirement. During my time at the newspaper looked after the prestigious competition, Pup of the Year and worked as a journalist reporting on the championship shows and latterly looking after the advertising department. Even in retirement, I continued to work for the company on a self-employed basis for a further 10 years. I still work at Crufts for Agria.nI can be often be found at shows judging here or abroad, having judged in the USA, France, Italy,Poland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

I am a founder member of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club owning a puppy from the very first litter recorded at the Kennel Club in 1978, under the affix of Stablaheim, I successfully showed and worked the breed in the early years when they were a rare breed. I stopped showing in about 1987 when the breed gained CC status. In 1982 I had started judging and over the years I have judged most breeds at open show level and enjoy the friendship and joy of the show scene.

I enjoy the organising side of the show scene and I have just retired as secretary of the South of England Gundog Club but have stayed on the committee as vice chairman.  If not involved in organising, I can often be found stewarding. I feel it is my way of giving something back to the sport which has given me so much pleasure. I am also on the committee of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Labrador Club where I am the Year Book Editor, collating all the information for the book, which is available at Crufts each year.

Now a proud member of the Kennel Club, I am interested in the education of the public into how great it is to own a pedigree dog, particularly one that can help you keep fit! I now only have a Labrador, Daisy, my showdog, who unfortunately very rarely gets to a show, as I am always busy judging, stewarding or working at a show!  I also have two Whippets, one of which I show and now realise how addictive the breed is! All three dogs live very happily together.

Mrs Sandra Williams (UK)
Cocker Spaniel, Amerikansk Cocker Spaniel

Myself and my husband have had a small Kennel (Wilmerella) in Derbyshire for 40 years. I have 39 years’ experience of owning, exhibiting, and breeding Cocker Spaniels, which was my first breed and we have enjoyed some success having made up several English Champions, Irish Champions and
International Champions. Our current Champion being Best Puppy in breed at Crufts, 2022 and Top Male Cocker 2022. Our second breed is Miniature smooth haired Dachshunds and have also made up several champions. We have also owned many other gundogs during this time. I am delighted to say that a few years ago I had an Orange Roan Male import from Sweden being the first Orange Roan Male to become a GB Champion and the first Swedish born GB and Irish Champion.
I have been judging since 1996, gaining a wealth of knowledge of numerous breeds particularly all gundogs and I have judged at all levels in the UK, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Italy and South Africa. Since then I have gained a wide breath of knowledge regarding Gundogs and Hounds over this period of time. I was passed by the KC to award CCs in Cocker Spaniels in 2004 and have had the privilege of awarding CC’s many times in England. I am passed for American Cocker spaniels having my first CC appointment in England in 2024. I also give CC’s in all Dachshunds and I am applying for CC’s in Golden Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels having met the KC criteria. I have a great interest in all gundogs.
It is with great pride that I am returning to Sweden to judge after several years and I thank the committee for the invitation. I am very much looking forward to judging at the show,

Ms Linsey Dunbar (UK)
Golden Retriever

I’ve been surrounded by Golden Retrievers all my life.  The first one “Tara” was bought by my Mum two years before I was born.  Our first show dog was Lamancha Beannachdan of Linirgor she was not the most enthusiastic of show dogs but she was a fabulous character, she gave us three litters and lived until the age of 15 ½.  She is behind every Linirgor.  

Our first litter was born in 1997 and we kept a bitch “Linirgor Aigneach” she in turn produced
Ch & Ir Ch Linirgor Ever Hopeful who is the top CC winning Scottish Bitch and was my very best friend.  We are very proud to have now bred/owned 2 UK Champions, 8 Show Champions and to have won Best of Breed twice at Crufts with two different dogs.  

The Linirgor goldens were very much a partnership with my late Mother Irene, my Mum passed away in 2021 and I am continuing her line as best as I can.  It was a time of mixed emotions to recently learn that we were declared the Top Golden Retriever Breeder in 2022.  I have 7 dogs of my own, they all live in the house and enjoy an active life with me exploring Scotland. 

I have judged since 2002 and at championship level since 2017, with appointments in Canada, The Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Finland, Hungary and Denmark. I am looking forward to my first visit to Sweden.  

En stor rubrik.

Best In Show 2022 : DK Ch(u), KD V-21, LT Ch, SE(u)Ch Dewmist Taste of Adventure. Golden Retriever
Uppfödare och ägare: Henrik Fryckstrand, Västerås
Domare:  Mrs Vicky Clarke-Gear, UK (ras)

Mrs Patsy Hollings, UK (BIS-final)


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Nu kan du även betala via Swish 1233999133